Friday, January 14, 2011

My Opinion, Glad You Asked

Usually when an employee gets a review, their supervisor fills out an appraisal sheet on them. But that would be work, so instead, my boss is having us fill out our own appraisal sheets. I don’t have a problem doing this and plan to give myself the highest mark in each category.

Oh, it’s not what you think. Sure I think I do a good job, but the biggest reason is the other options leave me no other choice. Let me share a few examples:

In the “Quantity of Work” category...

The above average box says, “Produces a high quantity of work. A thorough and careful worker. Seldom slacks off.”

Why would I select above average and admit I slack off sometimes?

In the “Knowledge of Job” category...

The above average box says, “Thorough knowledge of job and procedures.” While the outstanding box says, “Thorough knows and follows correct procedure.”

By selecting above average, wouldn’t I basically be saying I’m a rogue worker who knows what I’m suppose to do, but does the job how I want?

In the “Dependability” category...

Here there is the issue of attendance and punctuality. You’ll need some facts first, in 2010 I missed two days of work. I’ve been on-time, except for maybe a couple unavoidable times when a car accident had traffic all backed up. And if you looked at my attendance for the whole of my time there, you could probably count the days I’ve been absent on one hand.

So here are my choices: 1) above average = rarely absent or tardy. 2) outstanding = excellent attendance and punctuality.

Don’t they seem like the same thing? Wouldn’t rarely absent or tardy be considered excellent? To me, excellent is not perfect. And if the form meant perfect, the form should have put that.

In the “Working Relations” category...

Of course I’m going to select outstanding with the words, “loyal worker” under it. I don’t think I need to say more.

Now given what I've told you about above average, soak in what it says about it under the “Overall Performance Rating” -- “Represents a high level of achievement. Employee clearly demonstrates ability to excel in job-related tasks.”

I think that's overly positive. I remember above average as: Sometimes I slack off, I know my job, but choose to do what I want, and I’m not what you would call loyal.

Geez, dare I look at what's under the category marked average.


  1. What kind of boss would ask his employees to fill out their own appraisal. That a HA HA. Did he really expect you to mark average or above, of course you are outstanding. He should give you a large raise and a promotion based on your outstanding appraisal and thank his lucky stars that you work for him.

  2. Having you fill out your own job performance evaluation is getting pretty common these days. In my two previous jobs I had to do it every year too. Your boss doesn't "have the time" to do it him or herself. They pretty much agree with whatever you say an just stick a couple comments in from what they think you need to focus on. I think its sheer laziness, but that's just me.

  3. @Rose Z - I agree about the big raise. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I turned it in today so we'll see what he comes back with.

    @Chad - I can't say I'm glad more bosses are having their employees do their own review, but it makes me happy that it supports my theory -- that getting a different job isn't the answer. They are all equally awful.