Friday, August 20, 2010

Drama Free Zone

Some days my boss is grumpy. No one wants to talk to him for fear of getting his or her ass chewed over a simple good morning. My boss just wants to be left alone and I can relate to that. Some days I want to be left alone too. I’m not quite as likely to rip someone a new one, instead I tend to get quiet. I’m sure my co-workers prefer my method for handling a bad morning, but they shouldn’t have to be subjected to either. Whatever issues we are having don’t belong in the work place because, I can guarantee, neither one of us is upset over a “work issue.” Whatever is wrong is personnel and should be left at home. One of my better bosses had the policy that our personal issues must be left on the road outside our parking lot. And it made for a good work environment. It seems like a good policy for me to start living by again. So my first goal will be to leave my personal issues out of the work place. My wish for my boss to do the same highlights what might need to be my next goal: learning to only worry about what I’m doing.

1 comment:

  1. Some(?)days your boss is grumpy? Try "most".
    Still, love your spirit. He really makes you dig for meaning and understanding. But it is so hard.