Saturday, August 28, 2010

There's a Thought

“Your thoughts shape everything you do so it’s important to be careful with what you’re thinking. A successful strategy for positive thinking is to have a bank of ideas, affirmations and positive notions that you can refer to and that will always ensure you have an optimistic frame of mind.”— excerpt from Be Your Own Life Coach by Jeff Archer

The book goes on to say that the thoughts could be anything from ideas you or others have had that inspired you to quotes from movies or books. So whenever I see my boss it is important to remind myself he is the way he is because:

“We must have ourselves an asshole shortage” (from Point Break)

Okay, that probably wasn’t what Mr. Archer had in mind. A better thought would be:

“He’s working for me.”

And in a way it’s true because he’s part of a group of people who have inspired me. Their crazy, selfish actions have fueled this blog along with other various stories. So the next time my boss is screaming at some innocent kid who walked off the street to hand out solicitation, instead of cringing, I’ll take notes. It might be a moment that will end up in a story that will one day make me money. Fingers crossed!

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