Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lesson of the Day

Every day that I take away something more from my work day than just clocking hours on my paycheck, I hope that it was the lesson I needed to release me from this hell. But so far I haven’t found an end to the lessons my job has to teach me. Sometimes the ones I’ve passed come back around to see if I’ve retained them, and usually I haven’t. So I reacquaint myself and hope I do better in the next round of testing.

There is no singular teacher in the real world to grade and guide me on what I have to do. So I wander through my day trying to pick up on everything and fail to focus on any one thing properly. I might be in the now, but how much in the now can I be when I’m wondering if this is the now that holds the key. So maybe I’m not really in the now, but more in the future of what the now is creating. Maybe it’s this type of thinking that keeps the fire going.

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