Friday, September 17, 2010

Ain't Got The Look

My boss likes to play this game where he sits alone in his office at his desk and just starts talking. And everyone in the office has to guess if he’s talking to them based on the content. He was mid-game when I interrupted him by entering his office to drop off an order request. The co-worker he was talking to wasn’t responding and I didn’t have time to play around. By the look he gave me, he either: a) was angry with the employee losing, or b) was giving me his your-testing-my-patience look.

It could go either way because it was the first good look he was getting of me today and I’m dressed like a complete slob. It’s true that we have a more relaxed dress code, which allows us to wear jeans and such, but I took it to a level that lands a lot of girls on “What Not To Wear.”

Maybe it was just my imagination. I’ve been a little self-conscious about my apparel lately. I’ve been trying to step it up and look more like a “grown-up,” but due to budget restraints and laundry setbacks... well, I showed up looking frumpy.

Now that I’ve done the first step and admitted I have a problem, shouldn’t the second step fund a shopping spree for a new wardrobe?

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