Friday, December 3, 2010

In A Single Bound

Today everyone in the office was off work except for me. Well, my boss was there in body, but honestly, I don’t think anyone would be surprised if I don’t count him as helpful.

I only found out I’d be covering the entire office function yesterday. To prepare: I complained, a lot. I also made the following declarations: 
  • I won’t enter orders unless they are so hot the customer calls in tears.
  • I won’t make the daily deposit.
  • I won’t worry about answering every phone call. Hello, voicemail!
  • I won't ship out orders that aren't on the have-to schedule.
Oh, there was a whole lot more, but you get the idea. I won’t bore anyone with all my crabbing. Maybe I sound over dramatic. But, to me, it seemed realistic not to expect myself to do everything. I’m not a superwoman who can do all jobs at once.

Or so I thought, because today I kicked some serious paper-pushing butt. Yes, I got it all done and then some!

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