Friday, February 25, 2011

Venting A Miracle

Venting, as in the incessant bitching about one’s problem without want for a solution. It happens to be a daily favorite of mine. So you could imagine my delight when I found out it was known to produce miracles. Not migraines, there was no blasted auto-correct error here, I really meant miracles.

Now I’m not saying “Make Miracles in Forty Days” by Melody Beattie says to do this EXACTLY, but I can read between the lines. The book says, “list the incidents and events that come up for you by writing about the events and feelings that you are the least grateful for.” Sounds like complaining to me.

I haven’t a clue why doing this breeds miracles. Maybe it falls under the squeaky-wheel-gets-the-oil rule. Except there's a catch to this complaining stuff. You have to write that you are grateful for all the things that piss you off.

So as an example, last night I wrote on my list: I am grateful there is 1-3 inches of snow in the forecast tonight. I look forward to driving in it tomorrow. And the pain I will surely feel in my chest after partaking in the granny-hunching slow drive.

Which brings me to my “it works” acclamation -- we didn’t get 1-3 inches of snow! 

Okay, so I didn’t want it to snow last night and I vented about it. And sure we didn’t get but a pinch of snow. That doesn’t mean I’m going to say I made that miracle.

No, all I’m going to say is -- in lieu of sending me monetary gifts, please donate to your favorite local charity.


  1. Well I'm off to start my "I'm Grateful For" notebook :) Have a great weekend!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. I'm with Jules! I'm happy for a lot of things! (But there's nothing wrong with a little venting here and there...) Hi! new follower! ***waves***

    My Frog Blog