Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Real Nugget

One of the guys from the factory is on vacation this week. He called this morning and asked if he could get his paycheck today. I didn’t ask, but assumed he was probably in the area today and wanted to get it early to save himself the trip tomorrow.

I called my boss on the phone to ask if it was okay. Granted my boss is sitting probably not even 20 feet from me. But calling him isn’t laziness on my part. No, the phone provides a cushion against the verbal assault I am in constant fear of having laid on me every time I approach to him.

So I called him and said, “Factory Doe wants to see if he can pick up his check today.” To which my boss replied, “It’s Thursday.”

My boss is forever offering me these nuggets of knowledge.

I’m not sure how he expected me to respond. I imagine he wanted me to thank him for clearing that up. And then immediately go back to the silly worker and pay the knowledge forward.

But instead I said, “Yes.” Silence. Until finally he said, “Ok. That’s fine.”

Flash forward to Factory Doe showing up for his check. My boss comes out to see him and says, “Hey Buddy, how’s your vacation going?”

I wanted to answer for him with: “It going too damn fast, for heaven sakes, it’s Thursday.”


  1. Sometimes it is soooo painful to remain silent but you did good girl. Hang in there!

  2. You are lucky to work for someone with such a keen grasp of the obvious.

  3. I'm a new follower! Ha, I totally understand what it's like to not want to approach your boss. Dumb bosses...

  4. LOL, I wish you had responded that would have made it ROFL :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. It is always going "Too Damn Fast"!
    Nice Nugget

  6. I say next time your boss calls YOU and asks an inane question, respond with, "It's Tuesday." Or whatever day it is. Or hiss into the phone and pretend it's interference. Of course you might get fired, seeing as how he's only 20 feet away and all...

    Maybe don't do that.

  7. That is awesome! haha I like The Vegetable Assassin's idea.
    My Blog

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