Sunday, October 24, 2010

Body Snatcher: Make Yourself At Home

On Sundays I find myself praying for the strength to get through another week. Today is no different, expect I’m adding that my boss remain as likable this week as he was last week. It wasn’t neccesarily that he was nice to be around, rather he wasn’t bad to be around.

On any given day my boss throws anger around like most people do smiles. But last week it was almost absent. He was just there. And that got me thinking of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. If you aren’t familiar with the 1956 movie or it’s remakes, I’m sure Hollywood will put out another featuring actors from the latest CW “it”show. The gist of it is: the pod people look exactly like the person except they have no emotion. I’m onto something, right?

Now my boss didn’t lack emotion completely, so maybe the pod people have a 2.0 upgrade. It is 2010 after all. I’m sure aliens have made great strides since 1956. Oh wait, I’m getting fiction confused with reality... or am I? Either way, I hope my 2.0 pod boss sticks around.

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