Monday, October 4, 2010

Blame It On The… What? The Sun?

Last week my boss was looking to fight everyone. Typically, I would chalk it as part of his charming personality, but today I read an article that had me blaming the sun. During a study led by Bryce Mulligan, a neuroscientist at Canada’s Laurentian University, Mulligan’s team found a connection between the sun (or if you want to be scientifically fancy, geomagnetic radiation) and brain activity (and if you must have specifics – the right frontal lobe, which, among other things, regulates emotions). Mulligan said, “It’s likely that things like mood, aggression and irritability can be brought on by increased solar-geomagnetic activity.”

Curious, I went on a website ( that tracks this interesting Sun-Earth stuff and guess what they reported on Sept 29th (the day his bad mood broke loose): “During the past 24 hours, sunspot 1110 has increased in size more than 10-fold.”

Forget the McDonald’s coffee, I wonder if there is an SPF level high enough to protect again this?

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