Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heaven Help Us

A power failure sent our alarm board into a panic yesterday. While on his way to investigate my boss laughed and said, “heaven help us.” The divine intervention he should have been praying for was help with his own organizational breakdown. But instead he busied himself with denial by tending to things he didn’t have the first clue how to fix. Not that he’d have any better ideas on how to solve the problem of my co-worker dropping a two-week notice on him.

What has me saying my own Hail Mary is his lacking panic. Isn’t he taking her departure seriously? I mean, no one else is trained to do that job. I won’t go into job responsibility details, but hers involves generating the paperwork that gets me paid.

But maybe terror-stricken isn’t the best way for him to react. After all, in every disaster movie, the hero is the one who acts calmly when faced with crisis. And the casualties are always the ones running around in a panic worried about the least important things (i.e. getting the paperwork done so they get their paychecks).

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