Sunday, October 31, 2010

In The Wrong Hands

Usually I believe if you end up with something it was meant to be. But after opening the fortune cookie that came with my Chinese dinner, I realized some things just end up in the wrong hands. The fortune read:

“It’s always worth taking the trouble to praise people.”

This wisdom would be better delivered to my boss. It should come as no surprise that compliments and my boss are only typed in the same sentence when pointing out the lack thereof.

It got me thinking how he gets Chinese take-out at least once a week. If I accidentally dropped that fortune on his desk he might ponder it a moment. Well, probably not, he’d just wonder what happen to the cookie.

Okay, Plan B, maybe I'll get fortunes made up and put into cookies. Then I could bribe the place he gets his take-out from to put my special fortune cookies in with his lunch. When he opens them they would read stuff like:

 “It’s not about getting more, but giving more. So give your employees a raise.”
“Hard work deserves hard play. So let your employees off early to get a head start.”

Actually, since he considers himself an employee, he’d probably just give himself a raise and call it a day.

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